Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson's Marriage: All About the “Married to Real Estate” Stars’ Relationship

'Married to Real Estate' stars Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson have been married since September 2010 and have three daughters



Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson have built an incredible life together.

The couple is well-known for starring on the HGTV series Married to Real Estate, but their relationship goes way back.

Though they initially crossed paths while working in the entertainment industry, when Sherrod was a radio personality and Jackson was a DJ, the two reconnected years later as they renovated a house together.

After six years of dating, the couple tied the knot in September 2010. Since then, they have welcomed two children, daughters Harper and Kendall. Sherrod is also stepmom to Jackson's older daughter Simone from a previous relationship.

As they’ve established themselves as an HGTV power couple in recent years, they’ve given many glimpses of their sweet love on their show and social media.

Here’s everything to know about their relationship.

They first met while working in the entertainment industry

<p>David Livingston/WireImage</p>

David Livingston/WireImage

Sherrod and Jackson first crossed paths while working in the entertainment industry. Sherrod worked as a radio personality for nearly 20 years, interviewing celebrities such as Prince, Tyler Perry, and Oprah, while Jackson worked as a DJ under the name DJ Fadelf.

Despite meeting a few times and having an “instant attraction” to one another, Sherrod told Authority Magazine she never pursued anything further. “The wisest words I ever received as a woman in entertainment was to NEVER date a co-worker in the industry,” she explained.

They fell in love while renovating a house



In a true twist of fate, the two eventually reconnected years later when they were renovating a house together. “I was flipping one of my investment properties, and he showed up as one of the contractors who took over from the ones I fired,” she explained.

“I certainly looked at him differently after that. He was more than a DJ. He was also a businessman. Couple that with a tight T-shirt and toolbelt and I was intrigued,” Sherrod joked.

Jackson added that they “literally fell in love” while renovating the house together — and from there, the rest was history!

They got married in September 2010

<p>Prince Williams/Wireimage</p>

Prince Williams/Wireimage

After dating for six years, the couple tied the knot on Sept. 11, 2010. In 2023, the couple celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. “19 years together and 13 years married as of TODAY,” Sherrod captioned a collection of photos of them through the years. “We have come so far as individuals and as a couple. Happy Anniversary babe! To my best friend, and the love of my life. I choose you everyday. ❤️❤️”

Jackson also posted a sweet tribute to Instagram, writing, “Today marks 13 years as one, 19 years together. To my babe, my life partner, my business partner, my spiritual union….HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LOVE! @egyptsherrod I still everything you. Let’s continue to create memories, build legacy, have fun, and enjoy many more experiences!”

They have three kids

<p>Prince Williams/WireImage</p>

Prince Williams/WireImage

Since tying the knot, Sherrod and Jackson have welcomed two daughters together: Kendall, who was born in January 2012, and Harper, who was born February 2019. Sherrod is also stepmom to Jackson’s older daughter Simone from a previous relationship.

“I’ve been in her life since she was three years old,” Sherrod said of Simone on Married to Real Estate. “She’s my baby. You ask me, [I say] I have three daughters.”

They have a family dog named Serene

<p>Egypt Sherrod/ Instagram</p>

Egypt Sherrod/ Instagram

In addition to having three children, Sherrod and Jackson announced the arrival of a new puppy on Instagram in Feb. 2022, a labradoodle named Serene Jackson. The couple also documented adopting their new puppy on their series Married to Real Estate, following the hijinks as Kendall trained the dog.

They’ve appeared on many other HGTV shows together



Married to Real Estate isn’t the only HGTV series Sherrod and Jackson have been a part of. Before getting their own series as a couple, Sherrod hosted HGTV’s Property Virgins before doing HGTV’s Flipping Virgins, which Jackson also guest-starred on.

Eventually, they decided to pitch their own series to HGTV. “It’s wild how it all came about,” Sherrod told HGTV. “It really started with the pandemic, you know? Being sort of shut in together, and we’re both running our respective businesses from the kitchen counter, and we have our kids in virtual school at the other end.”

“It was a little bit of a zoo here, but we were getting it done, and then Mike said, ‘Well, let’s film this,’” she recalled. “And we started making people laugh on social media with our daily shenanigans — trying to work and balance home life. Our management said, ‘Y’all really have something here, you should shoot a sizzle reel.’ So we did that and sent it to HGTV, and they loved it.”

Additionally, they’ve appeared on Rock the Block, Brother vs. Brother with Drew and Jonathan Scott, Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge and Battle on the Mountain.

They have a podcast together

<p>Prince Williams/WireImage</p>

Prince Williams/WireImage

After joining forces for their HGTV series, Sherrod and Jackson decided to go back to their radio roots by creating a podcast together titled Marriage and Money Podcast with Egypt & Mike. Created in December 2022, the weekly podcast features the couple as they share “humorous stories, valuable life hacks, honest and meaty marriage dilemmas, and wealth and legacy-building knowledge,” per the podcast’s description.

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