Eggnog Jell-O Shots Will Make You The Star Of Every Holiday Party

Tray of eggnog Jell-O shots
Tray of eggnog Jell-O shots - @kmrudnick / Instagram

If you're not a big fan of drinking straight shots, then a better choice for you might be Jell-O shots. These shooters are made of gelatin and hard alcohol, such as vodka, and can be a fun way to drink your liquor. Plus, because they're made using gelatin, you can whip them up in different flavors and colors, allowing you to get pretty creative.

One such creative twist on these drinks you can try is to make eggnog Jell-O shots. They're a little more involved than the standard variety, but they're definitely worth it in the end. You'll get the rich, creamy, sweet flavors of eggnog along with holiday spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. This year, skip the spiked eggnog and try these festive shooters instead. Of course, to make them yourself, it pays to know that the ingredients do differ slightly from some of the more standard, simple Jell-O shot recipes.

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Considerations When Putting Together Eggnog Jell-O Shots

pouring eggnog in bowl
pouring eggnog in bowl - Gmvozd/Getty Images

When it comes to making these shots, you can either use eggnog from scratch or pick up a pre-made beverage. Store-bought eggnog can save you some time, but making it yourself at home adds to the fun and the DIY feel.

Another thing to think about is that instead of using flavored Jell-O packets, you're going to use unflavored gelatin. This is because strawberry, grape, or the other typical fruity tastes aren't going to work well with the eggnog in the shooter. Additionally, you won't be using water. Instead, you'll use eggnog and set the gelatin in that.

Additionally, with these shots, you'll want to consider what type of alcohol to use. You'll want to use a liquor that complements the flavors of the eggnog well. For instance, you could use vanilla vodka to pair with the drink's creamy flavors, or you could go for cinnamon whisky to play on the spices in the shots. Other potential choices include rum or Rumchata, bourbon, or even a combination of liquors. Feel free to experiment with different selections to find which you like best.

Other Fun Holiday Jell-O Shots To Try

holiday Jell-o shots
holiday Jell-o shots - Stphillips/Getty Images

If you love the idea of Jell-o shots but are not sold on the eggnog idea, there are plenty of other recipes to try. For instance, you could totally keep things simple and make a tray of green and red Jell-O shots to play on a festive color scheme.

Other holiday-inspired shots include mulled wine Jell-O shooters. Like the eggnog variety, these include seasonal spices like cinnamon but have the addition of red wine as well as harder liquors. Or, you could go for something a bit sweeter, such as hot chocolate Jell-O shooters. Take these ones one step further and top them with alcohol-infused whipped cream for a truly adults-only drink. Whatever holiday you are celebrating this season, there are plenty of tasty Jell-O shots that you can make to wow your party guests and get the festivities started, Jello-O shots style.

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