Would you eel-ieve it! Slippery critter rescued from Plymouth doorstep

RSPCA/Cover Images

A resident of Plymouth called the RSPCA to help after discovering a very unusual animal on their doorstep - an eel!

RSPCA inspector Sarah Morris, who rescued the slippery customer for the animal welfare charity, said: "This was not your usual type of animal rescue call. The eel had been found by the back door of a property in the city.

"At first I thought it must be a slow worm because of the location but from speaking to the caller it became clear it really was an eel."

Revealing how the householder's quick thinking saved the unfortunate eel, she added: "On arrival, I went to the back garden and found a pink child's paddling pool where the finder had kindly placed the eel until I arrived.

"In 24 years of being an Inspector, I've never had a call about an eel out of water! After seeking advice from the team at RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Centre, I removed the eel and put it in a small fish tank and transported it safely to the nearest estuary where the eel was released. How it got there is a mystery but the most likely reason would have been that it was dropped there by a heron or other such bird."