Edward Furlong celebrates four years sober after addiction battle

Edward Furlong has been sober for four years credit:Bang Showbiz
Edward Furlong has been sober for four years credit:Bang Showbiz

Edward Furlong is four years sober after his long addiction battle.

The 44-year-old actor - who was 13 when he had his breakthrough role as John Connor in 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' - has opened up about overcoming his personal struggles and getting his life back on track, having just worked on new film 'Charlie's House'

He told "It feels great to be back on set and sober too. I didn't feel hungover when I went to work.

"There's other sober people at work which is weird because if you're not sober, you're not hanging out with the other sober people. It was cool.

"I really enjoyed it and I feel like I can be more in the moment. I love to work. We'll see what happens."

Furlong - who has son Ethan, 16, with ex-wife Rachael Bella - described sobriety as the "greatest thing" he's ever done, and he's exciting to get his old life back

He added: "I'm blowing myself away every day. It's cheesy when I get those year chips but I can't wait to get my five-year chip.

"Things are slowly turning around and I just want to get my life back to what it was and what I was doing in the first place.

"I f***** over so many people when I was on drugs, gaining back the trust of the people that work with you when you've flaked on them so much is a long process.

"It's like the friendship that happens after a bad breakup – people are learning to trust me again. It's great and things are slowly starting to get going again."

Edward - who revealed he was first addicted to marijuana and alcohol before turning to cocaine and later heroin - explained he wants to show people "there is a way out" if they work for it.

He said: "[I have] definitely OD’d but that’s the cycle, you know. Once you get in there, it’s so hard to see a way out. That’s what I’d want people to understand — there is a way out but it’s hard.”