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SkinnyPop Popped Popcorn Variety

"I've never really been a big popcorn person until now. I wanted to feel less bad about eating it daily, so I decided to get the SkinnyPop Popped Popcorn Variety ($20 for 40) and it's actually incredibly good. I bought a variety pack that has both the original flavor and a white cheddar flavor (my new fave) and it's the perfect size and portion to grab before I watch a show at night." - Krista Jones, associate editor, Shop

Our Editors Share the 19 Comfort Snacks They're Relying on Right Now

There's a lot going on right now, and self-care is critical. We're at home, trying to take in the news, stay connected to our loved ones, and find something to smile about every day. One of the bright spots of my day right now is snack time. It's true. I look forward to my snacks, and with constant access to my kitchen, I find myself snacking more than ever. During this time at home, I've found myself gravitating towards foods I don't regularly eat, and I was curious about the snacking habits of the rest of our editors, so I asked them. These are the 19 comfort snacks our team has been obsessed with recently.

Whether you've got a serious sweet tooth (ahem, me) or prefer something salty, these snacks will make you smile, and might inspire your next online order. There are some mouth-watering nostalgic faves that have definitely swayed me. Keep reading to shop our picks.


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