How Our Editors Make 10 Under-$70 New Arrivals Look So Expensive

Laura Lajiness

There's nothing we love more than affordable fashion, but even better? Affordable fashion that's in line with the newest trends to sweeten the deal. That's why we're particularly psyched about our latest POPSUGAR collection at Kohl's; from $36 tops to $64 dress and $50 pants, the just-in-for-January assortment has some of the top looks we're most excited to wear in 2020. In other words, our wardrobes are already looking G-O-O-D for the new year.

So, what's in store? A lot of utilitarian-inspired styles, playful prints, and modern versions of nostalgic silhouettes to kick things off; three trends that have long-lasting power through the seasons, but feel especially fresh at the top of the year. Also! - and this is rather thrilling news if you're addicted to denim - we've designed the most comfortable and flattering pair of high-rise straight-leg jeans. They're perfect with every top, sweater, or jacket in your closet. Not to mention, they're crazy-soft but look like a well-worn pair of vintage jeans.

To say we're excited about this collection would be an understatement and to put our enthusiasm on full display, we're demonstrating how we've started wearing some of our favorite POPSUGAR collection at Kohl's January pieces, mirror-selfie style. Let's face it, we love to document a good outfit and we love sharing it with you even more!

Ahead, see 10 of our most-loved January pieces in action on nine POPSUGAR editors and staffers and shop your favorites for 2020!


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