Edie Falco cast in comedy I'll Be Right There

Edie Falco is starring in 'I'll Be Right There' credit:Bang Showbiz
Edie Falco is starring in 'I'll Be Right There' credit:Bang Showbiz

Edie Falco is to lead the cast of the indie comedy 'I'll Be Right There'.

The 59-year-old actress has reunited with director Brendan Walsh on the movie that has wrapped production in New York.

Jim Beggarly has written the script for the movie that will also star Jeannie Berlin, Charlie Tahan, Kayli Carter, Michael Rapaport, Michael Beach, Sepideh Moafi and Bradley Whitford.

The movie follows single mother Wanda (Falco), who has her hands full as her eight months pregnant daughter (Carter) wants to get married, her mother (Berlin) thinks she is dying and he wayward son (Tahan) is either going into rehab or the army and she barely has time for herself.

Wanda lives to take care of her family, but everyone around her doesn't seem to accept that. At the end of the day she loves being at the beck and call of those she loves.

The film is being produced by Walsh, Bradley Ross, Peter Block, Cory Neal, Ross Meyerson and Samantha Cocozza. Falco and Jesse Eisenberg are executive producing.

'The Sopranos' actress said:"'I'll Be Right There' is the kind of movie I've always responded to as a viewer; about normal people living normal lives – but somehow when you shine a spotlight on them, it all becomes pretty extraordinary. And moving.

"I hope an audience might feel that way about our movie."

Walsh added: "I love the family that came together to make this film. From the amazing cast to all the producers and crew. We can't wait to share this sweet and funny dysfunctional family with the world."