Edge of Ember Launches Tarot Collection

LONDON — “In my opinion, jewelry isn’t just about looking pretty, it has a sentimental or emotional meaning tied to it,” said Lynette Ong, founder of the sustainable jewelry brand Edge of Ember, about her new tarot collection.

“I’ve always loved pieces that have a deeper meaning, be it wearing initials of my children, my birthstone (emerald) but also the evil eye which is a protection symbol. I started looking into tarot symbols as I love using talisman symbols,” she added.

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The tarot collection includes more than 30 pieces with prices ranging from 45 to 325 pounds, including a serpent ear cuff, a diamond evil eye necklace, a solar charm necklace and a hope star opal necklace.

Ong looked to tarot to seek meaning in life to manage her “mundane regular stresses,” she said. Her first tarot reading left her really emotional and almost enlightened.

“It didn’t tell me what I didn’t know, but it just made things a little clearer, and almost gave me shivers when some things were quite spot on,” she said.

Jewelry is as sentimental as superstitious to Ong.

edge of ember
edge of ember

“I think it’s my Asian side. I’m very into feng shui, how the placements of things in our space affects the balance of energy. I have my little quirky things I always do when I move into a new house, or avoid unlucky numbers (the number 4 in Chinese is unlucky),” she explained.

The symbol of the star is used to indicate hope, inspiration and contentment for the future; the serpent symbolizes renewal, resurrection, initiation, healing and environmental sensitivity, and the hands represent creation or initiation throughout the collection.

Ong celebrated the launch of the collection with an intimate breakfast at the Brasserie of Light at Selfridges with clairvoyant Isabella Greenwood, otherwise known as @mother.of.spells on Instagram.

The brand is working on a collection made exclusively from recycled ocean plastics coming out in the near future.

Edge of Ember came to international fame after Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wore a piece from the brand on her final days in the U.K. before relocating abroad with her husband, Prince Harry, in 2020.

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