Edgar Wright Says He'll Never Watch Ant-Man (But No Hard Feelings)

Gwynne Watkins
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Director Edgar Wright‘s acclaimed heist comedy Baby Driver opens today — but it might have hit theaters much sooner if he hadn’t spent eight years working on Ant-Man, a project that Marvel ultimately made without him. In an interview with Uproxx, Wright said he was grateful that the studio gave him a writing credit and kept his friend Paul Rudd in the lead role. But the fact that he lost so much time to a film that was taken away from him still stings, to the point that he’s steered clear of the completed movie.

“I haven’t seen it and I haven’t even seen the trailer,” Wright told the website. “It would kind of like be asking me, ‘Do you want to watch your ex-girlfriend have sex?’ Like, ‘No, I’m good.‘”

The closest Wright came to seeing Peyton Reed‘s 2015 film, he says, was when an oblivious passenger watched it next to him on a plane — and he responded by immediately burying his face in his laptop. He’s not opposed, however, to watching Rudd’s Ant-Man in other Marvel films.

“I did say to Paul…’You know, I haven’t seen the movie, and I will never watch it. I did see you in Civil War, and you were the funniest bit,'” said Wright.

A somewhat similar situation to Wright’s Ant-Man ouster, which was chalked up to “creative differences,” has just occurred with Lucasfilm’s Han Solo movie (on which original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were abruptly replaced with Ron Howard). Wright refused to comment on that news to Uproxx, since he knows the people involved, but he did say that his Ant-Man replacement did little to clear the air between them. “I have not spoken to him at all,” Wright said of Reed. “I think the last communication I had with him is I said, ‘Please don’t just use my storyboards,’ and then I’ve never spoken to him anymore ever since.”

All that being said, the Baby Driver director is thrilled finally to have made his new film, and says he has “zero regrets” about Ant-Man. “The only thing I regret is the time wasted,” he said.

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