Eddie Hearn: "I Joke to My Friends That I'm in a Constant Competition Just to Stay Fat"

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Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn is known for being brash, confident and cocksure, but in an exclusive interview with Men's Health UK, Matchroom Boxing's managing director revealed the long-running battle he's had with his body.

"I've always been battling with my weight," says Hearn. "I always joke to my friends that I'm in a constant competition just to stay fat. I'm okay, but I'm on the verge of tipping over the edge, and then I bring it back."

Ahead of the Katie Taylor versus Amanda Serrano fight, which Hearn has called "the biggest fight of all time in women's boxing", he revealed how he has taken control of his fitness in the last six months by adding weights to his workouts, focusing on what eats and ditching booze altogether.

"In the last six months," says Hearn. "I've changed my training routine, and I've been more focused on what I've been eating. Food is the problem for me, not training. I've run a marathon, and I run three or four times a week, no problem. Food is the big problem, and I've got on top of that.

I've also stopped drinking, which has been a game changer as well. I've never been a huge drinker, but now even the two or three glasses of wine for dinner is gone."

Hearn says that his decision to stop drinking was influenced by wanting to lose weight, but also by the effect alcohol was having on all aspects of his life.

"I remember going to Aiya Napa for two weeks as a twenty-year-old kid. I’d drink every night and wake up the next morning feeling like I hadn't even been out," says Hearn. "Now if I have three or four drinks, I feel like I've been out for a week, and it affects me for a week. If I have a heavy night, the next day is a write-off, the day after might be a write-off as well, and so is my diet; so is the gym.

"It's not that I'll never drink again, it's just that I wasn't even really going out heavy. I was just having two or three glasses of wine and a couple of beers. One, you realise the calories that are involved; and two, just the clearness of mind [I've gained]."

Hearn says the changes he's made to his lifestyle are working. He's lost 10kg so far. Although, admittedly, he could do with adding some stretching to his routine.

"I've lost about 10kilos now, so I’ve still got a long way to go. I've started lifting more weights, which I hate to do and have never done, but the biggest problem for me is I don't stretch, so the knees, the hips, the ankles, they will give way shortly, but we won't stop."

Find out what else Hearn had to say – on sparring his dad, Barry Hearn, at 16, what he really thinks of 'No Context Hearn' and the truth about his own amateur boxing career – in our exclusive interview, which you can see at the top of this page.

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