Eddie Hall's High-volume Hypertrophy Workout Delivers a Massive Chest Pump

eddie hall
Eddie Hall's International Chest Day WorkoutYouTube

Eddie Hall is back with a big chest session. Joined by YouTuber Horse King, the former World's Strongest Man recently served up a high-volume hypertrophy workout that delivers a massive chest pump.

You can find the session notes below, but interestingly in the video Hall shared to his YouTube channel, he revealed how, in addition to smashing huge chest pumps, he's also currently consuming 7500 to 8000 calories a day as part of his 'bulk', which will last until the end of April. After this, he plans on embarking upon a six-month diet, 'I want to drop 45kg' he said.

Back to the workout, where Hall and Horse King use pyramid sets to build intensity and drop sets to work close to failure and elicit as much muscle growth as possible. Time to pump up your pecs.

The Workout

bench press
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Dumbbell Bench Press x Pyramid Sets Up to Max Weight

To perform an ascending pyramid set, start at 50% of your 1 rep max for 12 reps. Increase the weights by 10% each set, and decrease the reps each set by 2.

Begin with a flat bench. Lift the weights above your chest as you lie back. You can plant your feet on the bench if that helps you feel more stable under the weights. Slowly lower the weights so that your elbows travel below your torso and you feel a big stretch across your chest. Keep the elbows a little below your shoulders to create an arrow shape. Squeeze the chest and push the dumbbells back to your starting position.

Repeat the sets with an incline bench at 15-30 degrees.

Plate Loaded Chest Press x 6-12 Reps, 4 Sets

Begin with the bars and seat set at an appropriate height, so that the handles are in line with the middle of your ribcage. When the elbows travel back, they should be slightly below your shoulders. After creating a big stretch across your chest push the handles away from you powerfully with a proud chest. Slowly reverse the movement, resisting the weight so it is controlled, back to your beginning position.

Chest Fly Machine x Drop Sets

Complete drop sets. Start at a weight you can comfortably complete for 10 reps. Decrease 10kg every 10 reps until you reach failure.

Begin seated at an appropriate setting and reach to the handles either side of you with a slight bend in the arms. Keep a proud chest and set the shoulders down your back. Bring the bars to meet in front of your chest and squeeze the pecs. Feel a big stretch across your chest between each rep.

Tricep Push Down x 12 Reps, 4 Sets

Use the straight bar attachment on the cable machine with a pronated grip. For this isolation exercise use a lighter to moderate weight. Hinge at the hips with your core tight so that your torso is slightly lent forward and have a bend in your knees. Pull the weight down and keep the elbows tight into your waist. Bend the arms so that the bar travels close to your upper chest. Keeping the upper arm locked, push the bar away and repeat.

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