Ed Sheeran 'worked his way to the top'

Ed Sheeran had "very limited talent as a kid".

The 32-year-old pop star is one of the best-selling artists in the world, but Ed insists that his success hasn't come easily.

Speaking to 'CBS Mornings' host Gayle King, Ed explained: "I had very limited talent as a kid, and I was like what's the one thing I can do, is I can outwork whoever.

"So I'd be doing shows with people that were ten times better than me. Infinitely. Better songs, better voice, better guitar players, better performers, but I knew that I could get up to that level by outworking them.

"People think that I was born with natural talent. You can go on YouTube and find videos of me at 13 and 14, and it's really bad. It's really bad."

Ed previously revealed that he was told to "get a real job" by one his school teachers.

The chart-topping star - who has won a host of accolades during his career - believes that kids should instead be encouraged to follow their dreams.

He told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "I think kids should be encouraged to be creative.

"When I was a child, saying you wanted to be a musician, they’d go, ‘You need to get a real job.'

"School is so stressful. You’ve got all these exams – maths, English and science – all these things are very difficult. But what I want to say to kids is if you do what you love, you will eventually get paid for it."

Ed also thinks he's learned "way more from failure" than from success.

The 'Shape of You' hitmaker added: "I have played Wembley Stadium and I’ve played a bar in Swindon to one person. And playing the bar in Swindon taught me more than Wembley Stadium."