Ed Sheeran wants to play Ipswich Town mascot

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Ed Sheeran wants to dress up as his beloved Ipswich Town football team's mascot.

The pop superstar, who grew up and lives not far from Ipswich's Portman Road stadium, is sponsoring the club next season, with their shirts bearing the logo of his next tour.

As club sponsor, the star has a number of privileges beyond those enjoyed by ordinary fans, such as a corporate box to watch games from, as well as his own trove of team kit.

However, Ed is set to utilise an unusual provision in his sponsor's contract allowing him to dress up as team mascot Bluey - a giant furry cartoon horse.

"I'm over the moon about it. It says that the sponsor can turn up as the team mascot, dress up as a giant horse and walk onto the pitch. So I'm definitely going to take them up on that," he told Australia's Ash London Live radio show.

In a previous interview with the BBC, the Bad Habits singer also revealed that he was planning on getting team tracksuits for himself and his pals to watch the team compete against rivals as they bid for promotion from League One, England's third tier.

"I get a player tracksuit with my initials on, I get one of them. I saw the contract and you get given a load of shirts. I think it's usually companies that do it so they have shirts for all their company's (personnel), signed footballs if you want signed footballs," he explained.

"There's all stuff like that. I don't think I'm going to take them up on everything, but definitely the player tracksuit. I've got three schoolmates that are mad Ipswich Town fans, I want to get them in the tracksuits. We're talking about doing away days in them, going to like (fellow League One side) Fleetwood and rocking up."

However, the star may not be able to watch much of his team next season due to touring commitments.

"I do get a box but I have pushed the box back until after the tour," he added. "I've got a tour, I haven't announced the tour yet, but the tour goes on for a while. I was going to have a box and not be able to see any games, so I've pushed the box to after the tour.

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