Ed Sheeran helped Lewis Capaldi find his house online

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Ed Sheeran credit:Bang Showbiz
Ed Sheeran credit:Bang Showbiz

Ed Sheeran helped Lewis Capaldi find his house online.

The 'Bad Habits' hitmaker is good pals with the 'Someone You Loved' singer and Ed has recalled how he helped Lewis find the house of his dreams near Glasgow in Scotland after googling homes in the area.

He said: "Lewis goes, 'I'm looking to find a house' and I was like, 'oh cool.' I go on Rightmove and typed in Glasgow and within ten miles and I just sent him one and go, 'how about this?' And he was like, ‘yeah, yeah, cool’. And he just bought it and moved in."

And having such a huge hand in Lewis' decision, Ed decided he had to get a very special housewarming present.

Speaking on the Clyde 1 radio show, Ed said: "So when he got his house I wanted to get him a housewarming present that was, like, really annoying. You know those massive vinyl dinosaurs like they have in zoos?

"Like the huge seven-metre things? I got him one of them made from China. He had to have a forklift truck get it off – so he had to go into town and rent a forklift. In solidarity, I got myself one too."

Lewis had previously confessed he "can't imagine ever not feeling out of place" in the entertainment business.

He explained: "Who knows? Maybe I will become an absolute a******* diva in the next couple of years, but right now I can't imagine ever not feeling out of place. I mean, I still lose my s*** when I see someone from [the reality TV show] 'Love Island'.

"Ed Sheeran gave me the best advice. He said that fame may not change you, but it does change the people around you, and you will feel no longer in control of the situation. We're in uncharted territory here."

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