Ed Sheeran Is Bringing Out A Hot Sauce!

ed sheeran hot sauce tingly teds
Ed Sheeran Is Releasing His Own Hot SauceGetty/Tingly Ted's

Celebrity food and drink launches can be seriously hit and miss, and it seems like everyone is getting in on the action, whether it's a tequila brand from the Kardashian dynasty, a red-carpet star rosé, or an old-school rocker pasta sauce. Now, Ed Sheeran is getting in on the act with the latest addition to the celeb food and drink line ranks: a hot sauce.

Tingly Ted's is launching today for fans all over the world, and promises to blast bland meals out of the water.

Named after Ed's childhood nickname, Tingly Ted's sauces have been in the making for almost two years.

There are currently two sauces in the range: Tingly and Xtra Tingly, and according to Ed they go with absolutely everything!

ed sheeran hot sauce tingly teds
Tingly Ted's

Tingly is a medium hot sauce for your entry level saucers, it's warming but nothing that's going to take over the flavours in your meal. Xtra Tingly is a level up (perhaps one for the more seasoned hot saucers) that'll add some serious heat.

Both sauces are made with red jalapeño and capsicum chillies with a mix of herbs and spiced with loads of fresh lemon notes and a little smokiness.

Ed swears by the sauces, saying: "I travel a lot, so having a bottle in my suitcase wherever I go that can spice up any and every meal seemed like a good idea. I knew I didn’t wanna do a watery hot sauce, as they usually all get relegated to the same shelf of other random hot sauces. I wanted to make a sauce that took the same pride of place as ketchup.

“I had a year of whittling down the perfect flavours with a great mixing team, and we settled on two absolute belters. The tingly and the xtra tingly. I’ve had them on tour with me recently to try them with all sorts of meals, and there really isn’t anything they don’t go with (except bananas, don’t do that)."

Fair enough, Ed.

The sauces are totally vegan-friendly and you can find out where to get your hands on them on the Tingly Ted's website or Instagram.