Ed Balls lays into Jeremy Clarkson over Meghan Markle apology

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Ed Balls has laid into Jeremy Clarkson over his most recent apology to Meghan Markle which he called "weak".

Video transcript

- Well, the interesting thing is because Meghan was the victim of his piece, that's why we're talking about this. And you do have to wonder if he'd use the same terminology-- throwing excrement at a naked woman walking down the street who he hated-- if it had been any other woman? Would this have attracted so much attention?

And I'm almost grateful that because of Meghan's profile we're being forced to talk about this.

- I just wonder whether we're just not talking here too much about Jeremy Clarkson. I mean, look, the column was awful.

- Yeah.

- It was big deal awful.

- Yep.

- And the apology is weak. So let's--

- Yeah.

- And Jeremy Clarkson is, let's be honest, a ridiculous figure. Put him to one side. If you think of Harry and Meghan and their strategy over the last week or two, they-- they don't give any ground to anybody. They have said some things they probably shouldn't have said. I thought what Harry said about William's and Kate's children at the weekend--

- Yeah.

- --he shouldn't have said. If there's going to be any reconciliation, which is-- they say they want, both sides have to give some ground. I just wonder whether this might have been an opportunity for Harry and Meghan to get to the high ground and say, look, we accept the apology.

- Yeah.

- It's not enough.