6 products to buy for an eco-friendly spring clean

Stock up on cleaning products and give your home a spruce-up for spring. (Getty Images)

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Some people find cleaning mindful, some find it satisfying and others just want to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

Whichever category you fall into, it’s that time of year to clean every nook and cranny in preparation for the new season.

Problem is, the products we use for cleaning can sometimes fall between the cracks of our strive to be more eco-friendly. Though many products might seem innocuous, there are lots of cleaners that cause harm to the wider environment even if they help your immediate one.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the best cruelty-free, eco-friendly products out there. They aren’t tested on animals, they don’t destroy their habitats and there is very little waste to speak of.

In fact, the only living thing you’ll need to worry about during your next cleaning spree are the spiders you dislodge as you get rid of the cobwebs.

6 eco-friendly products to add to your spring cleaning routine

1. Eco-Friendly Washing Up Scrubbing Brush | £14.99 from Amazon

Not only are they cute, but these eco-friendly brushes are also 100% plastic-free - no easy feat when lots of plastic-free brushes actually have plastic bristles. Made from responsibly sourced beech wood and sisal plant fibres, these multi-purpose scrubbers contain absolutely no animal products.

Plus, we’ve awarded extra brownie points as the washing brush heads are replaceable, which means when they do finally wear out, you need only replace the brush head, not the whole thing! 

2. Ecological Bathroom Cleaner | £1.99 from Waitrose & Partners

For use on baths, sinks, mirrors, ceramics and chrome, this product hits the nail in terms of both the environment and cost. It effectively removes and prevents the build-up of limescale, and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians to use.

Reviews on the Ecological Bathroom Cleaner suggest it’s also perfect for asthma suffers and those with sensitive skin.

3. Method Anti-Bac All Purpose Cleaner Wild Rhubarb | £2.99 from John Lewis & Partners

This anti-bacterial cleaner is made using a naturally derived lactic acid formula that smells like wild rhubarb - which makes a change from other sickly cleaning smells.

With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the John Lewis website, it’s not just us who think this product is an essential part of your spring cleaning kit.

4. Mabu Biodegradable Cleaning Multi Cloths (3 Pack) | £6.99 from Lakeland

These naturally bacteria-resistant cleaning cloths and made from 100% biodegradable wood fibre. Eight layers of open-weave keep the cloths fresh and mean they can be washed and replaced less.

Plus, they’re colour co-ordinated so you never mix up the bathroom cloth with the kitchen one - pretty handy, hey?

5. Faith in Nature 5 litre Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid | £21.20 from Amazon

Containing no enzymes, parabens, phosphates or bleaches, this cost-effective, super-strength laundry liquid gives you more washes per bottle than the average cleaner, greatly reducing your environmental impact.

It’s suitable for woollens, fine fabrics, colours and reusable nappies.

6. Caffenu Coffee Machine Eco Descaler | £9.50 from John Lewis & Partners

You can even get an eco alternative for descaling all your kitchen appliances.

The phosphate free and environmentally friendly product will descale your coffee machine and kettle without using harsh products.