Eboni K. Williams on different factors determining Real Housewives of New York City future

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Eboni K Williams credit:Bang Showbiz
Eboni K Williams credit:Bang Showbiz

Eboni K. Williams has admitted there are "a lot of variables" to determine whether or not she'll return to 'The Real Housewives of New York City'.

The 37-year-old star - who joined the hit reality show in October last year - suggested there are plenty of factors which will all have a role to play in her decision, not least including bosses deciding if they want her back.

Appearing on 'Chanel In The City' with Chanel Omari, she said: "Listen, I think there's a lot of variables that, you know, with the second half of the season to play out, there's a reunion to tape and to witness how that lands.

"And then there's, you know, what does the cast potentially look like next season? I think all of those would be four of my considerations, and that's not even getting to Bravo and Shed's considerations, which precursor mine.

"You know, before I get to make a choice, they get to make a choice. Am I invited back? If I'm invited back then trust me, I will, you know, take that decision very seriously because it's a high stakes choice for them and for me."

Eboni also weighed in on the future of Romana Singer and the cast as a whole, insisting no decisions will be made until after the reunion and that no one deserves to be fired.

She added: "I don't advocate for anybody's termination. I'm just I'm not that person personally. I'm a person that as awkward, cringey as it is, let's just have a f****** conversation...

"That's the growth we got to you know, it's like, what's the saying? 'You can't go above it or under it. You got to go through it'. And so the firing of any one of us prohibits the opportunity to go through it unless there was some other issue at play.

"But in terms of the show and the conversations on the show, I don't think anyone has done anything on the show that warrants termination."

Watch the full interview with Chanel In The City' with Chanel Omari here: https://youtu.be/4_2gS8-MUBk

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