'Eating Junk Food for a Month Aged My Body by 10 Years,' Says Doctor

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Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

For BBC documentary What Are We Feeding our Kids?, Doctor Chris van Tulleken spent a month eating junk food to help uncover and understand the link between rapid weight-gain and unprocessed food.

At the end of the experiment, the 42-year-old put on a stone (14lbs/6kg) in just 28 days and has said that the aggressive diet caused his body to age by 10 years.

Van Tulleken, also a host of CBBC medical show Operation Ouch!, admitted the fast food experiment caused him to experience piles, erectile dysfunction and anxiety, while addictive tendencies began to form in his mind and experience "hyper-palatability"..

"My brain has been affected similarly to if I’d been taking a substance we think of as classically addictive cigarettes, alcohol, drugs. So what is happening to children who do this from the youngest age for years and years?” said van Tulleken.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Speaking of the documentary's objective — to highlight that 64 per cent of children's caloric intake is from processed foods — van Tulleken said, "The scandal is the failure of regulation . . . it’s because the foods that we eat are made by only ten companies, almost no matter what you eat."

"And those companies are very powerful and they lobby to modify nutritional guidelines, they sit on advisory committees and they fund all of nutritional science."

"We’re worrying about salt and trans fat and sugar and meanwhile, this thing is staring us in the face with the highly engineered food,” he said. “It is being designed to drive over-eating because the only way that food companies can grow and make money is by selling more food. We have enough food, so they have to overfeed us."

"I aged about ten years in four weeks. I just developed piles, no libido, erectile dysfunction, expanding waistline, extreme anxiety, unhappiness, sleeplessness, heartburn."

"I felt better almost immediately after I stopped the diet."

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