The Easy Serving Trick To Give Your Party Dips Instant Halloween Vibes

Halloween-inspired guacamole
Halloween-inspired guacamole - Marynavoronova/Getty Images

Hosting a Halloween party is all about setting the scene. There are endless ways to drive home the spooky theme, from the decorations to the menu. Yet, while you could offer guests ghoulishly-inspired fare like mummified pigs in blankets, deviled egg eyeballs, or jack-o'lantern-inspired stuffed peppers, crafting these recipes can take some time and effort. In this case, there are easier ways to create chillingly eerie offerings. For the ultimate Halloween hack, stick to serving your go-to party dip — just reevaluate your choice of tableware.

Dips and spreads consistently prove themselves to be crowd-pleasers. From creamy onion dip to garlicky hummus, vibrant guacamole to zesty muhammara, and even funfetti dip, these saucy and dunkable spreads are delicious enough to stand on their own, no matter the holiday. So, rather than tweak these recipes with food coloring or creepy garnishes, simply serve them more creatively. Ditch the boring bowls and hollowed-out gourds and opt instead for lab-inspired glassware —think beakers, flasks, cylinders, and the like.

Giving a major mad scientist effect to your mise en place, lab beakers don't just accommodate the haunting theme; they're also quite functional. In addition to showcasing creamy and aesthetically layered dips, they can help you measure ingredients as you whip up recipes. Not to mention that their durability (material dependant) allows them to hold a range of warm and cold dips. However, remember that not all beakers and flasks are made the same.

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The Best Beakers For Your Halloween Dips

Array of lab beakers
Array of lab beakers - JJJW/Shutterstock

There are a few things to remember when using lab glassware to serve dips and spreads. First and foremost, consider material; any glassware made with sturdy borosilicate glass (often under the brand Pyrex) will be more than suitable for serving. Next, think about shape. You can opt for flat-sided and cylindrical beakers, sloped Erlenmeyer flasks, graduated cylinders, or even test tubes. That said, beakers and flasks with a wide rim will be best for scooping thicker spreads like pimento dip, whereas narrower options might be better for saucier offerings like ranch.

Additionally, it's essential to think about size. Unless you're serving spreads in individual portions, it's best to aim for larger beakers that measure to at least 1 cup, if not larger. However, smaller and slimmer glassware, such as test tubes and cylinders, can still be useful for serving cocktails and Halloween-themed shots.

When purchasing beakers, flasks, and test tubes, they can usually be found in the Halloween aisle of your local party store. But you can also source pieces from lab equipment stores or online retailers like Amazon. While you might be tempted to shop second-hand, there's no way of knowing what was once held in those vintage vessels. Avoid the risk and always buy brand new, washing glassware thoroughly before using. Then, once you've added your devilishly delicious dips, sit back and wait for guests to ooh and ahh!

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