EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Slater shares a SHOCK revelation!

 Stacey Slater opens up to the community.
Stacey Slater opens up to the community.

Stacey Slater makes a desperate bid to get rid of Theo in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Stacey Slater is at her wits' end over stalker Theo Hawthorne.

After Stacey found out that the man she'd let into her home to tutor her daughter Lily Slater had become dangerously obsessed with her, she went to the police.

But as it was her word against his, Stacey was left without any means of getting rid of him. Things got even worse when the deluded Geography teacher then moved in next door!

Despite warnings from Stacey's furious ex Martin Fowler, Theo has been playing a clever game to make sure he doesn't get picked up by the police.

After Stacey found out that Billy Mitchell had been sent saucy pictures of her from her Secret Cam account, she knew that Theo was behind it. But when Martin threatened Theo, he calmly told the pair that if they didn't back off, he'd report them.

Getting nowhere by official means, Stacey is at a loss over what to do, as both she and Martin are concerned that Theo's behaviour could escalate and become really dangerous.

Deciding on turning to people power, Stacey heads to the community centre to call on her friends and neighbours for support.

Can she finally get rid of Theo or has she brought more trouble on herself?

Ravi Gulati is desperate to find his son
Ravi Gulati is desperate to find his son

Ravi Gulati is getting increasingly desperate as he looks for his missing son Nugget Gulati. The teenager ran away after finding out some horrifying home truths about his killer dad.

It's been days now and despite reporting Nugget missing to the police, Ravi has had no luck in finding his son and it's tearing him apart.

Although Denise Fox feels bad about Nugget's disappearance, Denise's hatred for Ravi runs deep and she goes too far when she's talking to Nugget's best friend Denzel Danes.

After letting her real feelings about Ravi slip out, Denise deeply upsets Denzel.

Hubby Jack Branning realises that Denise has been under a lot of strain and instead of reprimanding her, he suggests that she take a break and have a few days away from the Square.

Gina Knight knows a secret
Gina Knight knows a secret

Cindy Beale and Ian Beale are feeling elated as their business plans look all set to go ahead.

After finding out that Cindy's ex George Knight has sold their bar in Marbella, Cindy was straight on it and demanded her rightful share of the cash!

Although George has tried to keep things civil, his fiancee Elaine Knight has struggled to keep her silence.

When Cindy and Ian come into the Vic to toast to the future, she can barely contain her anger!

The backbiting soon starts between the couples, stressing out George and Rose's daughter Gina Knight.

Unable to deal with it any more, she bursts out with a revelation that could tear everyone apart...

What has she got to say?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.