EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Watts makes a LOVE declaration!

 Sharon Watts talks to Phil Mitchell.
Sharon Watts talks to Phil Mitchell.

Sharon Watts reveals that she's never got over her ex in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Sharon Watts had trouble moving on from Keanu Taylor, even though she's made out she's fine.

The on-off couple were due to get married but when Sharon betrayed Keanu over his daughter Peggy Mitchell, Keanu told Sharon things were over between them.

After Sharon had a 'date' with boxing promoter Dorian, Keanu was wound up. But was it just because he has concerns over seeing their son Albie or was he jealous?

Keanu's mum Karen Taylor has a plan to make sure that he has as much time as he wants with Albie. He's already in bits that he can't see daughter Peggy, who is in Portugal with mum Louise Mitchell and gran Lisa Fowler, and Karen vows not to let it happen again.

It seems that Sharon might not be as 'over' Keanu as she's making out when she confides in Kathy Cotton that she's still in love with her onetime toyboy!

Confessing that she's confused, she admits she's not sure if he ever loved her or whether he just got back with her on his return to Walford because he wanted access to to his son.

Nugget Gulati calls out Ravi Gulati
Nugget Gulati calls out Ravi Gulati

Denzel Danes is gutted that his best mate Nugget Gulati has run away from home.

Nugget packed a bag and skipped Walford after finding out that his killer dad Ravi Gulati had done something unforgiveable.

With no word from his friend, Denzel hopes that appealing to him via social media might push him to get in touch.

Gathering Nugget's friends and loved ones together, he streams a vigil for Nugget in the Square gardens, begging him to come home.

Almost at the point of giving up hope of finding his son, an exhausted Ravi thinks the whole stunt is pointless.

Suki Panesar and Vinny Panesar try to comfort him and insist that Denzel's post could bring Nugget back to them safe and sound.

Rocky Cotton talks to George Knight in the Boxin Den
Rocky Cotton talks to George Knight in the Boxin Den

Rocky Cotton and Harvey Monroe feign disinterest when boxing promoting Dorian encourages them to come to the Pie, Pint and a Punch Up night at the Boxing Den.

Heading into the Queen Vic instead, the pals have a game of darts. It's not long before gambling addict Rocky is sneaking off to place a secret bet on the game and he lays some serious cash down.

Realising his mate has gone awol, Harvey tracks down Rocky and has a go at him for breaking his promise not to place any more bets.

Will he tell Rocky's wife Kathy Cotton the truth?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.