EastEnders spoilers: Kat Slater wedding day BOMBSHELL!

 Kat Slater sets off for her wedding
Kat Slater sets off for her wedding

Kat Slater is left alone and terrified at the altar on the day of her wedding in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell were SUPPOSED to be getting married on Christmas Day, after their first attempt to get wed last year was derailed by her ex Alfie Moon.

After Kat found out that Alfie had been having tests for prostate cancer and Phil knew about it, she was furious with the pair of them for keeping her in the dark.

When Alfie went to get his test results, she dropped everything to be there for him, as he's the father of her kids, after all.

But when Alfie let the boys down yet again, she resolved to move on once and for all and she told Phil that they were getting married - next week!

Happy with her decision, Kat got ready for her nuptials in a gorgeous outfit and she headed off with the bridal party to the register office.

Unbeknownst to Kat, Phil was taking in some shocking news back in the Square, after Alfie admitted to him that he lied and he does, in fact, have prostate cancer.

Phil is stunned as Alfie reveals that he's been booked in for a prostatectomy and needs to go in today.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking over at the register office...

Alfie Moon makes a confession to Phil Mitchell
Alfie Moon makes a confession to Phil Mitchell

Kat nervously looks around as she waits for her groom to arrive.

Phil turns up in the nick of time for their slot at the register office but Kat's panicked to realise that Alfie isn't with him.

He promised that he'd be there for Kat's big day and knowing he's recently had some health troubles, all sorts of things are whirring through her mind.

Will Kat go through with the wedding?

Meanwhile, Alfie heads off for his operation, terrified about what it might entail. When Linda Carter finds out from Mitch Baker that Alfie's gone to the hospital, she puts two and two together and realises what's going on.

Linda soon arrives in the hospital to support her friend as he waits to be taken into theatre.

Ravi Gulati accuses Suki Panesar of turning Nugget Gulati against him
Ravi Gulati accuses Suki Panesar of turning Nugget Gulati against him

Nugget Gulati is absolutely devastated after finding out a shock revelation about his criminal father Ravi Gulati.

After confronting his dad over Suki Panesar's claims, he runs to the Panesars' to take refuge with Suki and his granddad Nish Panesar.

Ravi may be many things, including a killer, but his love for his son runs deep and he was shattered to see him so upset.

After searching for Nugget, he realises that he's with the Panesars and he heads over to talk to him.

Will Nugget do something drastic to avoid his dad?

Cindy Beale returns to Albert Square
Cindy Beale returns to Albert Square

Also, Ian Beale tries to convince Cindy Beale to let her daughter's killer Bobby Beale move back in but all hell breaks loose when he suggests it!

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.