EastEnders spoilers: Emma Harding makes a DISTURBING confession!

 Emma Harding is in Albert Square
Emma Harding is in Albert Square

Emma Harding leaves Jay Brown reeling when she reveals some disturbing news in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Emma Harding shocked Jay Brown when she returned to Albert Square.

The absent grandma has NOT been welcome in Walford ever since Emma abandoned her dying daughter Lola Pearce for a second time, unable to cope with her advancing illness from a brain tumour.

When Emma first turned up in the Square, she secretly slipped granddaughter Lexi Pearce her phone number and it seems they've been having clandestine chats ever since.

Lexi's dad Ben Mitchell has already insisted that Emma stay out of their lives for good, not wanting Lexi to get hurt again. When he finds out that Emma's turned up like a bad penny, he is fuming and bans her from seeing her granddaughter.

Ben's mum Kathy Beale can understand Ben's point of view, but she cautions him to put Lexi's feelings first and let her have a relationship with her grandmother.

Lexi's other dad Jay Brown has agreed to meet up with Emma to find out what's been going on. When she shows him the heartbreaking messages that Lexi has been sending her, he's horrified...

Emma explains that Lexi has wanted to put on a brave face in front of her three dads, Jay, Ben and Ben's husband Callum Highway. Knowing that they're all struggling with their own grief. Emma has been the only person that Lexi felt she could be honest with.

Realising that Lexi really does need Emma in her life, Jay agrees to talk to Ben about letting them have time together.

Ravi Gulati has a request for Chelsea Fox
Ravi Gulati has a request for Chelsea Fox

Chelsea Fox is feeling down about Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson moving out of her house. The friends have had a nice little family situation going and Whitney has been a good aunty to Chelsea's little boy Jordan.

Chelsea is genuinely happy for Whitney and Zack's new chapter, as they move into their own place to become foster parents. Confiding in mum Denise Fox, Chelsea reveals she's sad about being left on her own.

A worried Denise suggests that she and Jordan move back in with her and hubby Jack Branning.

Although appreciating her mum's kind offer, Chelsea realises that it's not practical and she admits her dilemma to boyfriend Ravi Gulati.

Instantly spying an opportunity, Ravi suggests that he and his son Nugget Gulati could move in with her instead. It's a big step to move in together and Chelsea's not sure it's the best idea.

Keen to win her round, Ravi puts forward all the reasons why it would be a good thing but Chelsea later admits to Whitney that she thinks it's too soon in their relationship.

After Whit encourages Chelsea to take a leap of faith, she tells Ravi the good news.

One person who is DEFINITELY not happy about the couple's plans is Denise, who furiously warns Ravi that one day, Chelsea will see what kind of man he really is...

Phil Mitchell confides in Sharon Watts
Phil Mitchell confides in Sharon Watts

Phil Mitchell is frustrated that fiancee Kat Slater is giving him the silent treatment, after finding out that he's been keeping things from her.

Sharing his troubles with ex Sharon Watts, he's given a bit of a hope after she encourages him to sort things out.

When Phil turns up at the cab office with a box of chocs and a hatful of apologies, however, Kat is less than impressed and sends him away with a flea in his ear!

Fuming with her rejection, he storms over to the club to have a bit of alone time and he's frustrated when Emma Harding barges in and demands a gin and tonic...

Meanwhile, Sharon is playing mediator and she speaks to Kat, encouraging her not to let things go too far with Phil. Kat sees the sense in Sharon's words and she goes looking for her hubby-to-be in an attempt to make up.

What will she find?

Stacey Slater and Lily Slater put on a show
Stacey Slater and Lily Slater put on a show

Stacey Slater and Lily Slater decide to put on a 'perfect family' show for the visiting social worker and it seems to do the trick. Worried that Stacey is coming on too strong with her teenage mum daughter, Jean Slater encourages her to let her make her own mistakes, insisting it's the only way she'll learn.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm.