EastEnders - Lola and Jay two-hander explained

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders broke away from a traditional format for tonight's touching two-hander episode (May 18), which focused solely on Lola's tragic story.

Danielle Harold and Jamie Borthwick had been spotted filming the seaside scenes on location last month, but what happened and what happens next? Here's our quick guide:

EastEnders - What happens at the end of Lola and Jay's two-hander episode?

lola pearce, jay mitchell, eastenders

This week has seen Lola and her family learn the devastating news that her palliative chemotherapy treatment hasn't had the desired effect, and she now only has weeks to live.

Tonight's episode began and ended with a dream-like sequence of a healthy-looking Lola on the beach.

lola pearce, jay mitchell, eastenders

In Walford reality, Jay whisked Lola off to Margate on the back of her dream, allowing them to enjoy a fun-filled day at the seaside.

While they were there, Lola told Jay about her conversation with Billy earlier in the week, when she'd asked her heartbroken grandfather to help her to die.

lola pearce, jay mitchell, eastenders

Jay was initially horrified by Lola's plans, but did eventually start to see it from her point of view. Emotional, Jay promised Lola he'd support her however she wanted to pass away, but vowed he'd be the one involved – not Billy.

At the end of the episode, Jay took a weak Lola back to hospital, where they revisited their earlier conversation.

lola pearce, jay mitchell, eastenders

Having seen Jay talk to Lexi on the phone, Lola realised she couldn't risk him going to prison – needing him to be there for her daughter when she's gone.

Reminded of the strength she wanted to leave behind with Lexi, Lola told Jay she would face what was to come.


"When I said I wanted someone to help me die, it's just because I was scared", she told Jay. "But when I think of her, of what I leave for her, the example that I've set, that makes me want to be brave. I can do this, I can die naturally. I can do this."

The episode then transitioned back to Lola's dream on the beach, but this time she was finally joined by Jay.

Jay assured Lola they were in this together – "every step" – a nod to the scene in which Lola initially found out she had terminal cancer.

What song did Jay sing to Lola?

lola pearce, jay mitchell, eastenders

One particular scene in tonight's episode saw Jay tell Lola, somewhat randomly, that he'd been having guitar lessons in secret.

Excited, Lola encouraged Jay to borrow a stranger's guitar (as you do) and sing to her by the beach.

The song Jay sang was Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, the song they danced to at their wedding.

Those who follow Jamie on social media will be familiar with his musical talents.

When does Lola die?

lola pearce eastenders

Lola's final episode has been confirmed for Wednesday, May 31.

Danielle recently opened up about Lola's final scenes, saying to The Sun: "I didn’t want to read my final script.

"We pick them up from the script desk if we are in work and my final ones were sat there for ages.

"Then I had them at home for a few days — it took me a good two weeks before I was able to read them. I made myself a cup of tea, sat down in my living room and thought, ‘Right, just do it.’

"I got to the second page and was in absolute bits,” she added. “It was the hardest thing to read but it's also the most beautiful episode of EastEnders I've ever read."

Next week's scenes will see Lola's loved ones prepare to say their goodbyes, while Ben tries to search for a miracle.

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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