EastEnders' Jay Brown makes tragic drugs decision ahead of accident

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Jay Brown has made a tragic decision ahead of his car accident in EastEnders.

Viewers know that Jay's life will be on the line when he's involved in a car accident later in the week, with the stage being set in Tuesday's (October 24) episode.

Jay has been struggling with his grief over his wife Lola Pearce-Brown's death for months, having most recently turned to buying ketamine from newcomer Nadine.

In the latest instalment, Jay desperately tried to make peace with Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway so they'd rescind his ban from seeing Lola's daughter Lexi.

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When Ben and Callum turned him away, Jay begged Ravi for his drug dealer's phone number and brought his score to the car lot. His new friend Gina Knight managed to intercept Jay and encouraged him to sleep off his stupor at the Vic before cleaning himself up the following day.

Gina helped Jay come up with a plan to make things right with Lexi and they set off towards No.29B to speak with her.

While Ben and Callum initially refused to let him see the child, Jay was able to talk them round and then apologised directly to Lexi for letting her down.

"There's this saying, 'Love makes you do crazy things'. But so does grief," he explained to her.

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Lexi was forgiving and decided she wanted them all to honour her mum Lola by scattering her ashes in Albert Square the following day.

"I want us to remember her together," Lexi told her family.

However, the prospect of having to permanently say goodbye to Lola was too much for Jay, and he went on another spiral after his talk with Lexi. Jay found the drugs that Gina had earlier convinced him not to take and stared at the packet as the episode came to an end.

There will be shocking scenes ahead as Jay is involved in a serious car accident that will bring more trauma to both himself and his loved ones.

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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