EastEnders fans figure out why Cindy Beale's fake name is Rose – and it dates back to the 90s

Cindy Beale holding rose
-Credit: (Image: Jack Barnes/BBC/PA Wire)

EastEnders fans reckon they've cracked why Cindy Beale's alias in witness protection was Rose.

The character, portrayed by Michelle Collins, made a dramatic comeback to the BBC One soap last year after a 25-year absence. Viewers will remember that Cindy was allegedly killed off-screen in 1998.

However, the beloved character didn't actually die during childbirth as viewers were led to believe, but instead was placed into witness protection and given a new identity, Rose Sawyer.

In 2023, it was unveiled that Cindy was alive and well, living in France with her husband Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt). In another shocking twist, it was revealed that Cindy was the mother of Gina and Anna and former partner to George Knight (Colin Salmon) who had recently moved to Walford.

Cindy shouting at Ian Beale
Cindy Beale has been involved in dramatic storylines since her return to the soap -Credit:BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Cindy and Ian eventually returned to Albert Square and have since settled in - initially to the surprise of the other residents. Since her return, Cindy has stirred up plenty of drama - including sharing a kiss with George.

However, soap fans have recently stumbled upon an old episode - and it might have hinted at why Cindy was named Rose.

On X, previously known as Twitter, one viewer posted a clip from a nostalgic EastEnders episode from the '90s. In the video, Ian can be seen picking up a rose before breaking into a smile.

Ian Beale smiling smelling rose
EastEnders fans have 'worked out' why Cindy's name in witness protection was Rose -Credit:BBC/Drama

Alongside the video, the social media user penned: "Ian coming back from seeing Cindy (who's just agreed to spend Christmas with Ian) and picking up a single rose from the floor? Is this coming after Ian bought her a bunch of red roses too? So he's picked up the rose because he's thought of Cindy? Welp."

However, other fans of the popular BBC One soap were quick to highlight how this could have inspired the soap's creators when deciding on Cindy's pseudonym in witness protection.

One viewer, referencing the soap's executive producer, quipped: "Did Chris Crenshaw watch this one day and think Cindy = Rose Knight?" Another fan responded: "When I say I yelled!"

The 'theory' comes after fans of the BBC soap called for the character to be axed, for her 'boring' storyline with George.

"Can Cindy and George get this over with already! Just get together omg!" tweeted one frustrated fan.

"This George-Elaine-Cindy love triangle, or square if you add the square that is Ian Beale, is so boring now," penned another.

One even went as far as to say: "Sorry. But I'm still outright hoping that on his way out of Walford that Bobby runs over Cindy with his car. Boring character. Boring love triangle. All of this is boring. And the sad thing? None of it had to be boring. But it's so predictable and again: BORRRING."