EastEnders fans work out the DEVASTATING truth behind Nadine's arrival

 Jay Brown and Nadine in EastEnders .
Jay Brown and Nadine in EastEnders .

EastEnders fans have a shocking theory about mysterious newcomer Nadine (Jazzy Phoenix) after she appeared on the Square during last night's episode (Monday, September 18).

Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) has been consumed by grief since his wife Lola Pearce-Brown (Danielle Harold) passed away from a terminal brain tumour earlier this year.

Last night, Jay returned to Walford after spending the night walking having not been able to sleep due to his grief.

However, he was stopped in his tracks when he saw a blonde stranger with a striking resemblance to his late wife across the Square.

A stunned Jay soon found himself walking over to the mysterious blonde, who was even wearing the same clothes as Lola.

Nadine smiles at Jay Brown.
Nadine smiles at Jay Brown.

As the pair greeted each other, she walked off, but they soon bumped into each other once again at the Vic.

She introduced herself as Nadine and Jay couldn't keep his eyes off her as they bonded.

After enjoying each other's company, Nadine revealed that she was an escort to get her through university and pay the bills.

Sensing Jay's admiration towards her, a flirtatious Nadine then shared that she would rather get paid to hang out with men she actually liked.

When Jay told her that it wasn't really his thing, she said: "You sure? You're the one that's been staring at me all day."

Nadine talks to Jay Brown in the Square.
Nadine talks to Jay Brown in the Square.

The comment clearly hit a nerve with Jay and he abruptly left after dropping her off to a client.

Fans now believe that there's an unexpected twist in store and shared a shocking theory that Nadine could be a figment of Jay's imagination, due to the fact that she only appears when no other main characters are present and her clothes are almost identical to Lola's...

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