EastEnders fans call for soap legend to be axed as they slam 'boring' storyline twist

BBC One viewers have grown exasperated with Cindy Beale as they blasted her storyline with George Knight, Elaine Peacock and husband Ian Beale
-Credit: (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Despite the drama caused by their unexpected smooch, Cindy Beale is hell-bent on winning George Knight's heart back and EastEnders fans are not happy about it.

In Monday's episode of the popular BBC One soap, aired on June 3, Cindy (played by Michelle Collins) discovered that her daughter Anna had been mugged in a previous scene. Claiming she was desperate to be there for her, while skilfully avoiding another clash with a defiant Kathy Beale, the Walford legend went to great lengths to reconnect with her ex-husband George (Colin Salmon).

After confronting Anna alongside copper Jack Branning to persuade her to report her attack, Cindy invited George to join her at the Boxing Den as she enlisted Phil Mitchell's help to review CCTV footage of Anna's mugging. When they realised the footage wasn't clear enough to use, Cindy suggested having a drink with George in a more private setting, supposedly to avoid nosy neighbours and, specifically, Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) and Cindy's husband Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt).

The sparks were flying between Cindy and George as they sat around Phil Mitchell's kitchen table at No. 55 Victoria Road, reminiscing about their married days. Cindy then hinted that they'd need to act like a family to support Anna following her mugging.

Cindy standing in front of Walford sign
EastEnders fans are calling for Cindy's character to be 'axed' -Credit:BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

EastEnders fans are definitely not biting their tongues when it comes to expressing their feelings towards scenes featuring Cindy and George.

One outraged viewer took to X, formerly known as Twitter saying, "Sorry. But I'm still outright hoping that on his way out of Walford that Bobby runs over Cindy with his car. Boring character. Boring love triangle. All of this is boring. And the sad thing? None of it had to be boring. But it's so predictable and again: BORRRING."

Another fan begged the soap, "Can Cindy and George get this over with already! Just get together omg! " A third chimed in saying, "This George-Elaine-Cindy love triangle, or square if you add the square that is Ian Beale, is so boring now."

Cindy and George hugging
Fans are 'bored' of Cindy and George's storyline -Credit:BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

"Cindy literally said she wants Ian but she constantly goes for George. she wants what she can't have and she's ALWAYS done that. she does my head in," added an additional disgruntled viewer.

Another viewer echoed the sentiment, stating, "Having just watched today's episode I was bored of the same old Cindy routine. She was a great character and ok she'll never really change but I watched her antics today and all I could think was why could they not just have let it remain as it was, in the past?"

One viewer expressed their frustration, saying: "George needs to tell Cindy straight because currently he's participating in whatever rubbish she's trying to go. Cannot stand her. She's gonna get him into big trouble."

Meanwhile, another fan was eager for a dramatic change: "Cindy needs to disappear again", they commented.