EastEnders' Emma makes a discovery about Lola

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Emma Harding has discovered that her long-lost daughter Lola Pearce is dying of cancer in EastEnders.

Emma previously turned down the chance to come to Lola's wedding after Phil found out where she's been working. She explained to Billy Mitchell that Lola was better off without her.

Earlier this week, Emma made a clandestine visit to Walford where she gently comforted her granddaughter Lexi on the playground and then booked a salon appointment with her.

Lola was celebrating the success of her most recent vlog in Wednesday's episode (February 1), after Jay informed her that she'd already received more than 1,000 views.

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"People are loving it," he told his wife.

Jay encouraged Lola to take the day off from the salon, yet she insisted on going to work once she'd heard a new client specifically requested her.

Emma could barely keep up her ruse when she checked in for her blow dry appointment, but managed to keep composure as she learned more about her daughter's recent wedding and life with Jay.

Emma, who was going under the name Nicole, candidly confessed she had regrets about her life: "I spent way too long with the worst that life has to offer and I've let the best of life slip through my fingers."

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When Lola had to excuse herself due to feeling light-headed, Denise stepped in to cover for her and mentioned that Lola had been open about her health problems on her vlog.

Emma quickly excused herself but later was shown watching Lola's brave vlogs where she spoke eloquently about what it was like having terminal cancer.

As she watched Lola speaking about how she wanted to cherish every moment, Emma broke down in tears alone in her car.

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