EastEnders confirms more details of Linda's Halloween shock

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has shared the official details of Linda Carter's big Halloween storyline.

Linda will take centre stage in dramatic episodes airing on Monday, October 30 and Tuesday, October 31.

The Queen Vic landlady insists on going big with the pub's party plans, despite advice from her mum Elaine that Walford residents won't want to celebrate this year.

Elaine is worried that the timing isn't right following news that Jay Brown has been involved in a life-threatening accident.

linda carter, george knight, eastenders

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The day gets worse when Linda realises that Elaine's partner George Knight is keeping secrets from her again.

Linda confronts George and it doesn't take long before Elaine overhears them bickering.

As Elaine demands answers, George admits that he backed down in his dispute with his ex-wife Cindy Beale by giving her 50% of the proceeds from the Marbella bar sale.

Elaine is livid over this betrayal, but Linda advises her to listen to George's reasons before flying off the handle.

elaine peacock, linda carter, eastenders
george knight, elaine peacock, eastenders

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Later, after talking through the situation, Elaine focuses her efforts on getting the party started at The Vic – aware that it means a lot to Linda as it was one of her big traditions with Mick.

Upstairs, Linda puts her young son Ollie to bed and heads into the kitchen, where she gets a massive shock.

As the Halloween party continues at The Vic, the Knight family are unaware of the events unfolding with Linda upstairs.

george knight, eastenders

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EastEnders' executive producer Chris Clenshaw previously teased this storyline by telling Inside Soap: "Poor Linda's struggling this Halloween as it's the first one without Mick; obviously she wasn't with Mick this time last year, but Halloween was very much their thing, and something they did together in The Vic.

"So, she's trying her best to make a go of things, but she gets one hell of a surprise that she doesn't bargain for..."

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