EastEnders confirm exit for evil character and fans praise dramatic 'duff duff' ending

Yolande Trueman looking upset
-Credit: (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders fans rejoined during a recent episode as Pastor Clayton was finally arrested for his assault on Yolande Trueman (played by Angela Wynter).

The incident happened in April when Yolande was stressed out in the run-up to the fundraiser and she had been trying to avoid the pastor as members of the church began spreading gossip about the pair spending time together.

But when she was alone in the kitchen later on, Yolande was joined by the pastor, who ominously locked the door, trapping her in with him.

The assault on her was shown off screen, but viewers came back to see Yolande completely distraught and in tears.

Pastor Clayton arrested
Pastor Clayton was arrested for assaulting Yolande Trueman -Credit:BBC

In a later episode, Yolande opened up to Elaine Peacock about the incident. And in the second half of an hour-long special, it was revealed that Pastor Clayton had a history of abusing women.

During the Thursday 20 June episode, Yolande’s family were frantic as she went missing. Patrick went out looking for Yolande and admitted to Denise Fox that he felt like he had ‘failed’ his wife.

However, Yolande was in a police station bravely recounting the assault which resulted in Pastor Clayton being arrested and taken away from Walford in the back of a police car.

Denise Fox, Yolande and Patrick Trueman
Yolande bravely told her family the truth during Thursday 20 June episode -Credit:BBC

Fans have taken to social media to show their outrage - and are revealed to see the back of him. One said: "That was a brilliant duff duff". Another commented: "Pastor Clayton got his comeuppance. YES!#Eastenders."

A third wrote: "Cheered more at the end of tonight’s EastEnders than I did for the whole England match - justice for Yolande!". Another praised leading actress Angela during the episode: "Angela Wynter performance deserves so many awards she has been amazing and brilliant."

Yolande Trueman
Yolande was sexually assaulted by her close friend Pastor Clayton in April -Credit:BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Yolande then returned home and gathered her family to tell them about what happened to Pastor Clayton. Denise then said: “I’m so sorry, I got it all wrong.”

Yolande responded: “None of you could know.” Denise replied: “Yeah, but we knew something was up, we all noticed you hadn’t been yourself. I was there that night! More than anyone, I should have seen it - that you needed help.”

Pastor Clayton was then arrested and Yolande watched on as he dramatically said: “Whoever said this is lying.”

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