EastEnders cliffhanger sees Gina Knight in tragic collapse

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has aired a tragic cliffhanger for Gina Knight as the fallout of Cindy Beale's return to the Square continued.

Tonight's (August 30) episode saw Cindy's (aka Rose Knight) daughters Gina and Anna learn the truth about their mother's disappearance, while everyone in The Vic came to terms with the news that Cindy wasn't actually dead after all.

"You must have known what it would do to us, vanishing like that," Anna explained, after the pair sat down with Cindy to hear her out.

Cindy stressed that she'd been wanting to reconnect with her daughters for years, explaining how she'd left the family in Spain after learning about her daughter Lucy's death and wasn't able to return after breaking her witness protection cover.

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Gina initially refused to believe her story, however the pair were later able to share a tender moment alone after Cindy showed her the photo she carried around with her.

However the moment was ruined when Anna confronted her after learning the real reason Cindy had come to back to Walford.

"You've got no idea what it was like for us," a tearful Gina told her. "Now here you are... you're nine years too late."

While Ian was urged by Sharon to make amends with his mum Kathy, the revelation of Cindy's return sent Gina spiralling as she headed out to party with Freddie.

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Anna joined the group at Peggy's, rejecting Bobby's offer to talk things through before sneaking off to hook up with Freddie. Gina meanwhile tried to block out her feelings with alcohol and drugs.

"That girl is high as hell," Felix noted as he and Bernie witnessed Gina's erratic behaviour as she stumbled around the bar before collapsing.

George walked into the bar as Gina lay on the floor unconscious, rushing over to her side while a horrified Cindy looked on in the background.

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