EastEnders' Cindy Beale makes discovery about Ian

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Cindy Beale has made a shocking discovery about Ian following a bombshell week in EastEnders.

The final episode of this dramatic week saw Cindy find out that Ian had known her ex-husband George Knight was living in Walford, and that's why he'd tried to keep her away.

Thursday's (August 31) instalment largely dealt with the fallout of Cindy and George's daughter Gina overdosing on drugs after learning her mum was back in Walford.

cindy beale in eastenders

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The estranged former couple received the encouraging news that Gina had stabilised and would likely fully recover from her overdose, but Cindy still reeled to learn her daughter had a long history with addiction.

When George got to see Gina, he was horrified to find out what led up to her taking drugs on the night of her overdose. She explained that she'd been offered a line of drugs and didn't care what it was.

"The feelings I had, it just got too much," she confessed to her dad. "I wanted them all to go away."

She explained that seeing Cindy again triggered trauma from her past, since she never expected she'd have to see her mother again.

Back at Alfie's place, Ian had to confess to Cindy that he'd known about George moving into the Vic and even deleted a text from Anna before she could see it.

"You still don't trust me after everything we've been through together," she realised.

cindy beale and ian beale in eastenders

Cindy was understandably furious, as she demanded Ian come up with a way for them to stay in Walford. Ian approached mum Kathy and asked to move in, only to be flatly refused.

Ian quickly turned the tables on his mother by announcing he was taking back control "what's left" of his businesses, including stopping the sale of the cafe.

"We're going to be moving back in here [to No45] tomorrow," Ian also announced.

Kathy refused to live with Cindy, so Ian told his own mother he was kicking her out of her home as of the following day.

He warned his sons Bobby and Peter: "You're obviously welcome to stay, but you're either with us or against us. Your choice."

rocky and kathy beale in eastenders
Kieron McCarron / Jack Barnes - BBC

Later, George tried once again to get Cindy to leave the Square before she could do any more damage to their daughters. However, Cindy made it clear she was going nowhere.

"I think the girls need me more now than ever," Cindy told her ex-husband. "I didn't want it to happen this way, but there you go. I'm just going to roll with it.

"Give Gina my love, tell her I'll see her soon."

George was left frustrated that his attempts to force Cindy out of the Square had failed, as the episode came to a close.

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