EastEnders' Cindy Beale caught out for betraying Ian

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Cindy Beale has been caught out for betraying Ian Beale in EastEnders.

Wednesday's episode (September 27) revealed Cindy's true colours after it looked like she'd manipulated ex-husband George Knight into giving her half the profits from his Marbella bar.

Cindy ruined George and Elaine's celebration over the sale by announcing she would stake her claim for part of the profits since she was there when George opened the pub.

George played the long game by inviting Ian and Cindy to a business dinner so they could discuss the matter. However, Cindy took a private moment to manipulate George by claiming he was too hung up on the image of 'Rose' to give her a rightful share of the business.

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George's current partner Elaine was shocked when he suddenly announced he would be cutting in Cindy for 50% of the sale of the Marbella bar after all.

"Done deal," he promised.

Once they got back home, Cindy hid her disappointment when Ian started bragging to the boys about how they had secured a huge amount of cash.

"From now on, we'll be drinking champagne for breakfast," Ian bragged to his sons.

Ian noticed Cindy wasn't looking very happy about their big deal, and while she insisted it had just been "a long night", she later snuck back to the Vic.

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Cindy suspected George wasn't on the level with his offer, though he told her: "You broke my heart and I wanted to punish you.

"Then, I realised I wasn't giving the money to you. I was giving it to Rose… I've never loved anyone more than her, before or since."

Cindy approached George and kissed him, having no idea that their daughter Gina was looking on from the hallway.

A distraught Gina rushed off before George could stop Cindy and reveal he'd been trying to draw out her true colours all along.

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"I really did try to move on, you know. Build some bridges," he angrily insisted. "Then, you come here draping yourself on Ian, trashing the life we used to have.

"And then try to goad me into giving you the money telling me how happy you are?"

Cindy swore that she is happy with Ian, but had to question herself as George reminded her "all it took was a few lingering looks" to get her to stray.

"Now, you've shown your true colours," he declared.

A tearful Cindy fled the pub, before a flicker of regret appeared to flash across George's face…

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