EastEnders' Callum Highway to discover Jay's secret over Nadine

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Callum Highway is set to discover Jay Brown's secret over newcomer Nadine in new scenes on EastEnders.

Following the recent tragic death of wife Lola, Jay has been getting closer to the new arrival on Albert Square, with scenes last week seeing Jay spend the night at Nadine's flat after considering hiring her as a non-sexual sleeping partner.

After waking up, she reassured Jay that nothing sexual happened between them, joking that it was "the easiest night's work [she] ever had".

jay, nadine, eastenders

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Ben raised suspicions that Jay had been meeting women, though Jay insisted that he had just been out walking the streets as it helps him to sleep, as Ben and Callum hinted it was too soon for Jay to be seeing other people.

Jay later bumped into Nadine, admitting he was anxious to be seen in public with another woman, though she offered to support him amid his struggles.

In new scenes set to air next week, Ben continues to push Jay about his night-time disappearances, though Callum is left in the middle of the bickering.

callum highway, nadine, eastenders

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Callum tries to get through to Jay later on and offers him a shoulder to cry on, though Jay tries to assure him that he's fine and that he has been out making new friends.

Callum later runs into Nadine, with her attempts to pick him up leaving him amused, even when he reveals he is a detective.

However, that evening Callum spots Jay with Nadine, leaving him concerned.

Will he say something to Jay?

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