It's Easier Than You Think To Make Your Own Cooking Oil Spray

spraying cooking oil into a pan
spraying cooking oil into a pan - guys_who_shoot/Shutterstock

Making cooking oil spray at home is easier than you think. Conventional cooking sprays can be costly when used regularly, and many store-bought versions contain harmful propellants that are neither kind to the environment nor to the user. To make your own cooking oil spray, all you need is oil, water, and a simple spray bottle.

Use one part oil to four or five parts water. Simply pour these into a spray bottle, give it a shake, and you're good to go. The best oil to select is largely based on the type of cooking you will be doing. If you are spraying your grill or pan-frying ingredients, you might want to use an oil with a higher smoke point, like avocado oil or grape seed oil. If you are coating a bread pan or cookie sheet before baking, an oil with a lower smoke point, like olive oil, will get the job done.

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Getting The Most Out Of Homemade Cooking Oil Spray

Cooking oil spray
Cooking oil spray - NDanko/Shutterstock

Your homemade cooking spray should be kept away from direct sunlight and the heat of your cooking range. A cool, dark place is best and, due to its lack of preservatives, it is best used within a week. Some people choose to refrigerate the spray to extend its freshness, but refrigeration can compromise the taste and texture of the oil. If you decide to refrigerate your spray, it's important to let it come to room temperature before use to avoid changes in consistency and flavor as some oils solidify when chilled, and this can also clog the spray nozzle.

Before use, give the bottle a few vigorous shakes to remix the oil and water and ensure even distribution when spraying. You can then lightly coat baking pans, cooking surfaces, grills, and more to either aid the cooking process or prevent dishes from sticking. With this DIY kitchen hack being so easy, is there ever a need to purchase store-bought cooking oil spray again?

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