Eamonn Holmes returns to work four months after back surgery

Eamonn Holmes has admitted he is still unable to walk as he returned to work after four months convalescing. The 63-year-old TV presenter admitted the spinal surgery he had in September 2022 has set him back rather than improved his health as he returned to air on GB News show Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel after several months off.

Holmes told viewers: "Basically, I can't walk. I can do everything... everything above here [gesturing to his waist] works, but it's the legs."

Co-host Isabel Webster said: "The op that you had has set you back, at the moment."

Credit: @GBNEWS Via Twitter

Video transcript

- You've been so good getting in touch. Thank you very much indeed.

- I mean, guys, pages and pages. What is it 631? All just great to see and great to see you, and welcome back, Eamonn. Good to see I and Isabel back together.

- A lot of people say what was wrong with you? Well basically, I can't walk basically. I can do everything above here works, but it's the legs that--

- Basically, the op that you had has set you back at the moment?

- Yes. It set me back and made me fall down stairs. My leg gave way and I fell down 18 stairs. Shouldn't have been climbing the stairs. So should you at that point?

- Well, what I'm supposed to do? How do I get to bed? So I fell down the spiral staircase, smashed my right shoulder.

- Have an operation on your shoulder?

- Yeah.

- What was it you were saying about timekeeping?

- Well, the first thing you did was lean on my shoulder.

- Oh, sorry.

- Yeah. Yeah.

- I won't be doing that again.