Eamonn Holmes dropped hint over what may have led to end of his marriage to Ruth Langsford

Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford and family
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Eamonn Holmes had given a hint about what might have led to the end of his marriage with Ruth Langsford. The TV presenter announced last Saturday (May 25) that he and his wife were parting ways after 14 years of marriage.

The couple, both aged 64, got married in 2010 and have been each other's pillars throughout their careers. Recently, Ruth has been caring for Eamonn following his health issues which resulted in a short hospital stay.

However, after nearly 15 years together, they've decided to separate. A representative told The Sun on Sunday: "Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have confirmed their marriage is over and they are in the process of divorcing."

Reports suggest that their demanding careers "took them in different directions" but they're trying to keep things friendly.

Now, the former This Morning host has revealed one disagreement that they never resolved. Speaking to The Mirror, Eamonn admitted that he's always wanted to return to Northern Ireland and live by the sea, reports the Daily Star.

But Ruth has always been adamant about not moving to Ireland and made it clear she didn't want to go. The Belfast-born star told the publication: "I've always pined to go back to Belfast, because that's what I associate with company and friendship and criac.

"I'd love to have a house nowadays probably a bungalow with a sea view. I'd love to breathe in the sea air and I always associate that with Ireland. I think that would make me happy. Trouble is, Ruth wouldn't go. That's a little snag. She wouldn't go. I do like the idea. I do like the idea of being there."

Eamonn Holmes opened up about his dream of a seaside bungalow in Ireland on Kaye Adams' How To Be 60 podcast last year. The couple, who previously shared a swanky six-bedroom pad in Weybridge, Surrey, had been contemplating their future abodes.

Discussing his connection to home, Eamonn confessed he's never really settled into London living, feeling a sense of loneliness away from his Northern Irish roots. "I've never taken to London life; it's never been for me. It's not what I would call home."

The TV presenter got candid about the pull of his homeland, where his family and childhood memories lie. "I go back to Ireland all the time and everybody I know is there my four other brothers, two of my children and my grandchild is there as well. So, it's always had a call for me to be back in Northern Ireland."

Eamonn shares his feelings of isolation in the bustling city compared to the warmth and closeness he experiences back home and admitted that "that stretch of water is a big divide." He also added that he doesn't have the same "camaraderie and friendships" with people in London.

He continued to add that he "needs mates" and that in the London area "you're miles away from everyone."

In a candid chat, he also shared with Kaye, who is a colleague of Ruth's on the ITV daytime programme, that his wife wasn't exactly thrilled about his hobby of collecting vintage childhood toys online.

The TV star admitted to snapping up retro toys on eBay, but his partner consistently vetoed their display in their house. He explained that his collection was met with "disdain" from Ruth who called his passion for Airfix and soldiers "dust collectors." He added that although he had lots of Action Men as his collection grew, "Ruth put an end to that too."

The duo are famous for their on-air spats, often entertaining viewers as they presented This Morning together. Regardless, they were always adamant that their disagreements stemmed from a deep love for one another, and were celebrated as one of the most rock-solid marriages on TV. The pair worked intimately together as co-hosts on the ITV show until 2021 when Eamonn then made his move to GB News while Ruth continued with ITV, hosting the midday programme, Loose Women.

Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford and family
Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford and family

Returning to the morning show following the bank holiday weekend, he expressed his gratitude towards viewers for their uplifting messages since the announcement of their divorce. He stated: "Just before we move on, I would just like to thank people for your support for Ruth and I over the last few days as to the news of our separation.

"Your support for both of us is very much appreciated."

Earlier in his segment, he confessed having an "emotional" weekend but clarified later that it was related to the victory of his favourite football team, Manchester United, in the FA Cup against Manchester City.

Chatting to his colleague Isabel Webster, he exclaimed: "The weekend was just marvellous, marvellous, marvellous. The FA Cup final was one of the greatest cup finals there has ever been. It got me there. Yeah, it's emotional."