Eamonn Holmes' blunt four-word statement as he addresses feud with famous co-star

Eamonn Holmes
-Credit: (Image: GB News)

Eamonn Holmes isn't one to shy away from speaking his mind and has made a number of strong remarks when it comes to his thoughts on his showbiz costars. The seasoned 64 year old broadcaster, who is currently getting divorced from his wife Ruth Langsford, made quite the revelation about certain individuals in his life who are "dead to me" while on air during his GB News breakfast programme alongside co-host Isabel Webster.

Reminiscing, Isabel mentioned Eamonn's mended ties with ex-colleague Anthea Turner amidst a discussion about a Shakira track. Inviting audience opinions, Isabel asked: "What do you think about all the topics we are covering?", to which Eamonn declared, seemingly eager for juicy tales, "We particularly want revenge stories. Revenge... is it good, is it bad?".

Isabel observed: "You talk a good game about this. You do. But actually, all the people in your life that you've had disputes with in the past, you're on great terms with now when I think about it? ". Eamonn retorted with a simple "No," leading Isabel to probe further, "No? Mostly.", reports the Daily Star.

It was then that Eamonn asked, "What? Like Anthea Turner? ". He then went on to say he was always "prepared to forgive and forget," prompting Isabel to commend his conflict resolution skills. But Eamonn suggested there were deeper rifts at play on GB News, revealing, "No, but there are other people who have got names who are dead to me whose names I can't..'". Isabel swiftly intervened, cautioning, "Let's not go there."

Anthea Turner
Anthea Turner

Despite previously having a behind-the-scenes clash after Anthea's sudden exit from GMTV, where Eamonn called Anthea demanding and she hit back accusing him of making "rude" comments, Anthea and Eamonn are now on good terms.

In a shocking turn of events last weekend, it was revealed that Eamonn and his Loose Women star wife Ruth Langsford are parting ways after 14 years of marriage. Following a brief absence from television screens, Eamonn returned to GB News with a heartfelt statement about their split.

"Just before we move on we'd just like to thank people for your support for Ruth and I over the last few days as to the news of our separation. Your support for both of us is very much appreciated."