New Dyson Vacuum Reveals Invisible Dirt With Laser Beams

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Dyson has unveiled it's latest vacuum cleaner that uses high-tech laser beams to highlight dirt users cannot see.

Branded its most advanced cordless cleaner yet, Dyson claims it is capable of detecting, removing and categorising the hidden dust in your home for “scientific proof of a deep clean”.

The Dyson V15 Detect emits a bright green laser beam that illuminates dust particles on the floor – a first for a cordless cleaner, the brand says.

Equipped with technology able to detect dust as small as 10 microns and with an acoustic piezo sensor that know what’s been sucked up, this new device also features real-time bar chart which tells you exactly how many dust particles you’re removing via an LED screen.

The latest Dyson cordless, which recently launched in the US and will be available in the UK soon, also comes with novel tangle-busting technology, which prevents hair wrapping round the brush bar on the turbo floor heads.

Developed by a team of 370 engineers globally, these latest vacuums use a Dyson hyperdymium motor which generates up to 230 air watts of suction and 5-stage filtration captures 99.99 per cent of dust particles down to 0.3 microns.

“As engineers our job is to solve daily problems, and the past 12 months has created plenty of new ones with more time spent indoors,” explains James Dyson, Chief Engineer and Founder. “We are all cleaning more frequently, trying to remove the additional house dust but desperate for peace of mind that our homes are truly clean.

“Our latest vacuums use adapted laser technology to reveal hidden dust.

“The Dyson V15 Detect is both powerful and intelligent, giving the ultimate reassurance – scientific proof of a hygienic, cleaner home.”

No exact date has been given for when the V15 Detect will be available in the U.K., although you can pre-register your interest on the Dyson website. It will cost £599.