Dwayne Johnson surprises family of fans with new puppy at Super-Pets screening

Dwayne Johnson surprised a family of fans at a screening of his new animated movie by giving them their own super pet, a puppy named Quail.

The Hollywood actor, who is known for surprising audiences and family members with displays of generosity, delivered the gift at a showing of DC’s League Of Super-Pets.

Credit: @therock Via Instagram

Video transcript

- I will become Crypto. So Crypto is going to go out there and surprise this entire audience. I am going to take this Crypto head off, and I hope that goes well. And I also have a pretty special surprise up my sleeve-- or on my paw-- so here we go.

- Let's make some noise. Everyone, put your hands together. DC League of Super Pets, one and only, Crypto!


- [CHANTING] Crypto, Crypto, Crypto!

- How you doing, Crypto? You doing good?

- So good. This is just really so--


I have something special for you guys. I'll be right back. Excuse me, Mom.


I want to welcome your newest family member. This is Quail.

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