Dwayne Johnson was once told to lose weight to fit mould of classic Hollywood actor

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Dwayne Johnson has recalled how he was once advised to change his appearance so he could fit the mould of a classic Hollywood actor.

In an interview for the December 2022 issue of Men's Health, the Black Adam star described how he knew early on in his career that there was no point comparing his journey to the likes of Will Smith or George Clooney.

"You can't call yourself The Rock. You can't talk about pro wrestling," Dwayne recounted people telling him. "You can't be this big. You can't work out as much.

"Change your diet. Lose weight. If you want to be like Will Smith, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, who were the stars at that time, this is how you have to be."

While the wrestler-turned-actor attempted to conform for a while, he eventually learned he had to stay true to his authentic self.

"I tried that on for a few years, and then finally I said, 'Man, f**k this. I can't be like that. I'm not those guys. I could never be those guys," the 50-year-old continued. "I'm not in a box. Don't tell me how to be. I'm going to be myself."

And now, Dwayne is able to focus on his real priorities.

"The thing that keeps me up at night is just how everything shakes out, the things we have planned, the things I can control. Making the right moves, thinking about my family, my babies, all the other stuff that's going on," he added.