Dwayne Johnson explains why his wedding to Lauren Hashian was held at 7.45am

Sabrina Barr
Getty Images

Dwayne Johnson has explained why his Hawaiian wedding to singer Lauren Hashian was held during the early hours of the morning, describing the occasion as “magical”.

In September, Johnson and Hashian married on the island of Kauai, the fourth largest island in Hawaii, which is nicknamed “Garden Island”.

The Jumanji: The Next Level star shared photographs of the nuptials on Instagram, one of which shows him and his bride kissing against a backdrop of green cliffs, the sea and a pale blue sky.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Johnson spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about why he and Hashian chose to wed at 7.45am, considering the bride would have had to have her hair and make-up done a few hours prior.

“We wanted to have an early morning wedding. That way we said the vows, get it over with, and then by 10, 11 o’clock we’re hanging, we’re having brunch with the family, and we had it done,” the 47-year-old said.

Johnson continued, explaining that the early morning is a “beautiful time” in Hawaii.

“It’s a beautiful time with us and my ancestors watching over us. It was truly a magical, magical wedding.”

The former professional wrestler added that his and Hashian’s wedding was “truly the best”, and was a small, private affair.

The couple’s two young daughters, one-year-old Tiana and three-year-old Jasmine, acted as flower girls during the ceremony.

Johnson has an elder daughter, 18-year-old Simone, from his previous marriage to producer Dany Garcia.

During his interview with DeGeneres, the actor joked that he and Hashian chose to get married at 7.45am so that he could get to his 8am workout in time.

“I’m only kidding!” he swiftly added.