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This super chic houseplant is also a super chic and powerful air purifier

When it comes to home decor, it’s super fun being sneaky. And by sneaky, I mean decorating your home with multifunctional gadgets. Think things like platform storage beds or mirrors that are also shoe cabinets. You know, the magic things perfect for very small spaces — especially when some of said home gadgets are kind of ugly.

Take air purifiers, for example. There are so, so many benefits to owning an air purifier, but they’re often clunky and not very cute. Except for the Dupray Bloom Air Purifier.

The Dupray Bloom Air Purifier is designed with an integrated removable planter. So, basically, it’s a high-tech air purifier that removes dust, smoke, bacteria, viruses, allergens, VOCs, pollen, pet dander, mold, odors and airborne particles from wildfires while also sitting still and looking pretty with a plant in it.

The planter/air purifier comes in 13 colors of washable pre-filter covers so you can match it with your home decor. This neutral caramel color blends right in with everything.

$270 at Amazon

Basically, you get the double whammy of your favorite houseplant cycling out carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen alongside the air purifier sucking everything through the HEPA filter. Thus, your air quality is drastically improved. It also creates the ideal home for your favorite plant. So if you have a terrible green thumb but really, really want to keep your plants alive, this air purifier is basically a cute set of training wheels.

OK, so here’s just a list of everything you need to know about the Dupray Bloom Air Purifier on top of being a chic planter:

  • Features medical-grade HEPA-13 air filtration

  • 360-degree air intake/outlet

  • Three fan speeds

  • Smart AUTO detect feature that adjusts the fan speed to match the air quality

  • Super quiet night mode

  • Intuitive touch display

  • Cleans up to 1,500 square feet of air

You can also get it as a side table if you’re not down with the whole plant thing:

The side table option also comes in multiple colors. 

$300 at Amazon

Still, a planter that’s also an air purifier? Ugh, a dream come true.

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