Dune: Part Two Has Screened 10 Minutes, And The Reactions Are Praising The Sci-Fi Sequel

 Timothee Chalamet in Dune: Part Two.
Timothee Chalamet in Dune: Part Two.

Audiences have been anticipating the sci-fi epic Dune: Part Two pretty much since the moment the credits started to roll on Denis Villeneuve’s Dune back in 2021. Three years ago the filmmaker adapted basically just the first half of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel, with high hopes that it would do well enough to earn a sequel. It did, and that second movie was set to hit theaters in November 2023, before the actor’s strike caused it to be delayed. Now we’re finally mere weeks away from finally seeing Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atreides unite with the Fremen.

In anticipation of the premiere, Dune: Part One has been reissued for IMAX screenings, and moviegoers were treated to a 10-minute sneak peek of Dune: Part Two. Fans apparently got to see the sandworm ride that was teased in the Dune 2 trailer, and their reactions are sure to have people running to purchase their advance tickets. Ezra Cubero says March 1 can’t get here fast enough, writing on X (Twitter):

The scene they showed us from DUNE: PART TWO tonight was simply unreal! I have always been in awe of how Denis Villeneuve captures scale in his movies, but this looks to be unparalleled, especially in IMAX. This movie can't get here fast enough!

Yoko Higuchi has similarly high praise, saying that the audiences also got to view a new trailer in addition to the sandworm scene. He writes:

Part Two is going to be insane. Those of us who saw Denis Villeneuve's Dune in IMAX tonight got a special sneak preview of Part Two. We saw a new trailer and the full scene of Paul riding a sandworm for the 1st time. It already looks like a masterpiece. I cannot wait!

Paul’s first sandworm ride is definitely one of the things we’re excited to see in Dune: Part Two, and it sounds like it doesn’t disappoint. One patron described their experience at the screening, which seems to have left fans pretty fired up:

Went to a showing of DUNE 1 in imax, packed house, ended with Denis Villeneuve presenting a scene from Part Two, and at the end some guy screamed DUUUUUUNE!! at the top of his lungs and people cheered. The Back must flow.

One has to wonder if that person attended the same screening as the fan below, who responded to the sneak peek by tweeting:


Chris Dazzleox says the scene is a visceral experience, undoubtedly enhanced by seeing it on the IMAX screen. The X user writes:

The new worm riding scene made you feel like the sand was flying into your face. Brilliant choice on how to film an iconic scene.

Movie lover Brandon agrees the big screen is integral to the experience and predicts Dune: Part Two is in for some major box office success:

Without a doubt experiencing Dune: Part One in IMAX was nothing short of mesmerizing. Plus that 10 min exclusive sneak peak of Dune: Part Two Woooowwwwww! Absolutely jaw dropping. It WILL be the movie of the year!

The excitement simply cannot be overstated, as this fan states that Dune: Part Two and its ensemble cast are going to have a lasting effect on movies and moviegoers:

Just got out of the early preview of the beginning of Dune: Part Two. Greatest thing I have ever seen. Cinema changes forever March 1st.

For only being shown 10 minutes of the upcoming movie, fans seem to be thoroughly satisfied and still hungry for more. If you can’t make it out to an IMAX screening, Dune: Part One is available to stream with either a Netflix subscription or Max subscription while we wait for Dune: Part Two to hit the 2024 movie calendar on March 1.