Take On Our Dumbbell Test Set by the Lean Machines

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Only got time for a quick session? I've got you. Give this dumbbell challenge a go. It is not for the faint hearted, mind. I've actually done this workout three times before and each time I forget how much it sucks until I'm a few minutes in. It's great.

Your targets is to complete 50 'lungesters' as fast as possible – a dumbbell lunge on each leg, straight into a dumbbell squat clean and then all the way up into a dumbbell thruster. That's one rep. 49 to go...

There is a catch, of course. Every minute on the minute, bang out three burpees, including at the start before you even pick up the dumbbells, for good measure.

Do not, whatever you do, set off like a rocket. After four minutes you will have a good idea of how much rest you need and how many reps you can hit every minute. I chose to start with four reps a minute (around 20 seconds rest), then I dropped down to sets of three to get a 30-second break the before burpees. The burpees are really just there to annoy you and make life harder. Sorry.

If you are going to touch down with the knees on your lunges, then use a soft surface or wear knee sleeves because as you fatigue it gets harder to control your legs.

I spent nearly all of this workout above 90% of my max heart rate and the weight of the dumbbells really dictates this. Reduce your reps per minute, or decrease the weight if you need to. Good luck!

For Time:

Lungester x 50

Burpee x 3 EMOM starting @ 0:00

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