Dubai Tower To Be Largest Piece Of Art Ever Created

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An artist plans to give Dubai the largest piece of art ever created in the form of a skyscraper.

The Clothespin Tower, designed by famous Israeli artist Zygo, is the first conceptual building of its kind that turns the mundane clothespin, or peg, into 'an icon of eternal love and unity'.

Zygo and his team plan to build the 50-floor Clothespin Tower in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One side of the tower is designated to serve as a luxury hotel for guests with 1,200 decorated rooms to offer an incomparable stay. The opposite side continues the theme of luxury with 300 high-end apartments in addition to commercial space.

A 10,000-square metre shopping centre houses contemporary art galleries, upscale restaurants as well as a mezzanine with a lounge, fitness centre, and luxury spa.

The artist said that the Clothespin Tower will be "the biggest piece of art ever created." Instead of just looking at the art, however, Zygo wants people to be a part of it.

"We want to make people an active part of the project, from being passive viewers of works of art, we give them an option to be a part of the tower - enter it, live in it, spend time inside it and more," Zygo said. "We believe this inner experience of the viewer is a powerful one.

"Imagine being able to step into the tower and live in it, feel it from the inside and even change it a little with the personal character of each guest. When you look at the Burj Khalifa there is a sense of power that translates into height. In the Clothespin Tower the sense of size is replaced by a feeling of intimacy and love, a sense of self."

Zygo said that the idea behind the shape is how two halves can come together to make a whole and he sees his design as "a symbol for love, peace, and hope" and a "bridge to peace" between Israel, where he's from, and the UAE, where the building is planned to be built.

Zygo's team plans to start building the tower in 2023. They also want to build clothespin-shaped towers in other places, including China and locations across eastern Europe.

The team are set to visit Dubai this month (March) to meet with local partners hoping to develop the tower in the Gulf Region.

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