Dubai-Based AI Dubbing Platform CAMB.AI Raises $4M

Artifical intelligence dubbing company CAMB.AI has raised $4 million in a seed funding round led by New York-based venture capital firm Courtside Ventures. The investor group also includes Singapore-based TRTL Ventures, Texas-based growth equity firm Blue Star Innovation Partners, Japanese venture capital firm Ikemori Ventures, and Japanese web designer Eisaburo Maeda, it said on Tuesday.

TRTL and the Dubai Future District Fund were early investors in the company.

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CAMB.AI, headquartered in Dubai, says its speech AI technology allows it to instantaneously dub “any performance in over 100 languages, dialects, and accents using the original voices with their nuances.” Its services “capture and convey the speaker’s original tone and nuance – preserving emotion with less than three seconds of input,” the firm touts. “This ensures that the translated content remains as powerful and engaging as the original, maintaining the speaker’s intended impact.”

The new funding will “power CAMB.AI’s continued growth and progress seen since the company was founded in 2022,” it said.

Founded by CEO Avneesh Prakash and chief technology officer Akshat Prakash, his son, CAMB.AI says it has reached more than 100 million views of its dubbed content. Among its clients and testing partners are the likes of Major League Soccer, Tennis Australia, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, celebrity chef Nick DiGiovanni, YouTuber Narin Beauty, YouTuber BeerBiceps, and other live sports properties, media companies and creators. For example, the firm said it was selected by Major League Soccer “to be part of the inaugural cohort of the MLS Innovation Lab, with MLS planning to test CAMB.AI’s translation technology across their vast media ecosystem.”

CAMB.AI was also used for Emirati director Nayla Al Khaja’s horror film Three, which debuted at the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, making it what the company called “the world’s first, fully AI-dubbed multilingual feature film.” Explained the filmmaker: “I wanted to ensure my movie was able to be viewed by a global audience in any language.”

The capital injection will help “to fast track further development and global expansion” of CAMB.AI, said Prakash.

“This technology is truly remarkable,” said Vasu Kulkarni, partner at Courtside Ventures. “Growing up in India, a land of over 700 languages, I saw first-hand how difficult it was to consume the plethora of content out there when you couldn’t understand it. For NBA fans in India to now potentially be able to watch Steph Curry while listening to the indelible Mike Breen commentating in Hindi is going to globalize the game even further.”

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