Dua Lipa is unrecognisable with new magenta hair colour

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

If there's one thing that Dua Lipa is known for, other than her incredible vocal abilities and naturally full, fluffy eyebrows, it's her shiny dark hair. And to be quite frank, Dua's hair evolution is like no other – from dramatic haircuts to styles and even colours (does anyone else remember her two-tone blonde phase?) she really has done it all. Or so we thought...

In an Instagram post uploaded just a few hours ago, the 'Potion' singer debuted a brand new hair look that we have yet to see her rock: a redish/pink toned magenta colour. Nope, this is not a drill. Turns out, late night conversations and electric emotions, sprinkled with a little bit of red hair dye, is what's a potion. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

OK, yes, let's address the obvious. If you're a Dua stan, you may be thinking that she has in fact rocked both red and pink hair before. And to this, I say that you are correct. However, both of these previous looks have been created with layers of her natural dark brunette colour, too. So, I stand firm in my statement that we have never seen her with a full head of hair in this red/pinkish tone.

In the picture, which comes to us as an announcement for the Dua x Puma Flutur Drop 2, we can see the fiery hue in all its glory. Now, as with any major hair transformation, we have to acknowledge that it may not be permanent. In other words, this potentially could be a wig *collective sigh*. I mean, let's not forget Vanessa Hudgens' red hair transformation, which turned out to be a wig.

So, before we act in haste and browse the deep dark web for same-day red hair dye delivery (guilty), you may want to wait for a few more confirmation posts on the 'Gram to be sure of your decision.

Regardless of whether this colour is here to stay or not, it really has 'got me in love again'... soz, once more!

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